Davis Rome EOI Project Nov 2018

Images of relevant works:

  1. Images from House and Garden Series (2018). Ink, woodblock on folded and stitched Japanese paper, 95 x 64 cm. The works are light and semi-transparent with the ink bleeding into the paper support, an indication of the fusion of garden beds and house, of practice and food production.


Growing borlotti (from the House Garden Series) (2018).


Lying fallow (from the House Garden Series) (2018)


2. Images from Virgil’s Keep (2017), 15.5 x 40 x 2 cm, contains 16 linoprints with handwritten graphite text. A response to ‘The Georgics’, a poem by Virgil on the challenges and virtues of agricultural life. The reader passes through a series of eight gates: of possibility, of toil, of planting, of hope, of tending, of pestilence, of tempests & furies, and finally of harvest. Collection of National Gallery of Australia, State Library of New South Wales, State Library Queensland.

Front cover, opens to the left, inside a second cover opens to the right to  reveal pages bound on left and right sides which meet in the centre.


Virgil’s Keep, Page 2, Gates of Possibility


3. Images from the Georgica (2017) series.

Georgica #25 (2017), ink, woodblock, stitching on Nepalese paper, 53 x 78cm. Collection of Swan Hill City Council.


Georgica #6 (2017), ink, gouache, stitching on Nepalese paper c. 78 x 54cm, Collection of the University of Queensland.



4. Images from Drawing on the Ground (2015), artist’s book, 22.7 x 31.5 x 2.0 cm, 192 pages: 68 pages of drawings accompanied by 37 pages of handwritten text and hand-stamped text,  Collection of National Library of Australia and State Library of Queensland.

Cover, bound in red kangaroo skin leather in the manner of a 19th century Labour Book.



Drawing on the ground (2015), p. 25. Carbon paper drawing with handwritten ink text.




4. Big Garden Lismore Regional Gallery 2014, Logan Regional Gallery 2015. Installation of twenty-three drawings, two digital prints, viewing platform and native plants.


Big Garden # 6 (detail) 2014, liquid graphite on folded Japanese paper on hahnemülhe, 102 cm x 74 cm.



Installation, Lismore Regional Gallery 2014, showing drawings, viewing platform and native vegetation. Catalogue essay by Robyn Daw available under my additional Support Material.


5. SOLOMON (1995), artist’s book in seven volumes with slip case, each volume 13 cm x 13cm x 1.5cm, digital prints. Full list of exhibitions, collections and citations for SOLOMON in my additional Support Material.