Drawing on the Ground

Drawing on the Ground (2015), carbon paper drawings, stamping, ink text on Freelife 100 gsm paper,  23 x 31.5 x 2 cm., 192 pp. in an edition of 5 + 1AP (each unique). Sixty eight pages of drawings accompanied by thirty-seven pages of handwritten text and hand-stamped text. Half bound in red kangaroo skin with black buckram by Master Bookbinder Fred Pohlmann.

Collections: State Library of Queensland (1/5), National Library of Australia (2/5), Biblitheca Librorum Apud Artificum (4/5), artist’s collection (A/P, 3/5 & 5/5).

Drawing on the ground is a reflection on the drawing of sustenance from the land. It contains handwritten texts based on settler and explorer diaries accompanied by carbon paper drawings bound in kangaroo skin in the manner of a 19th century Labour Book. Drawing on the ground is loosely chronological and moves irregularly between pages of text and drawings; captioned and un-captioned. The landscape format of the book gives a sense of an horizon, encouraging a narrative where familiar characters move across the implied country. Drawing on the ground is part diary, part history, part fiction, part autobiography; a response to labouring, and to the labour of making and keeping the records. The  project was undertaken at the State Library of Queensland and supported by the 2014 Siganto Foundation Artist’s Book Creative Fellowship.